#62 Slim Wallet

Our Marocalf is a semi-aniline calf leather that is directly imported from Tanneries Du Puy in France. The leather has a matte sheen finish and is very attractive when carrying it. It's a firm leather and will hold its shape through time nicely. This particular leather can be crafted unlined or as fully-lined.

What is unlined you may ask? It means that when the flesh side of the leather is still exposed when you are using it. The firmness of this leather allows it to be use as unlined without issues.


But what if I don't to see the flesh side of the leather? Certainly, many customers like their leather goods rustic while others want them more classy. So here comes the fully-lined options. What is fully-lined? Good question! Fully-lined means that a wallet is covered by another piece of leather, it can be the same leather or other types of leather.

Shown here is a sample of a fully-lined #62 wallet. The exterior is Marocalf in gold finished, but the interior and/or lining is with electric blue French Chévre (goat leather). No flesh is shown here, just leather. Another good thing about fully-lining products will be the ability to choose whatever finishes you want. Matching, semi-contrast, or contrast (like the photo). You can go subtle or with a bang! Your choice!