#50.2 Italian Shell Cordovan & French Chèvre Combo Leather Compact Bifold

This unique and stylish wallet is a hybrid between our #50 and #53 designs, combining the best of both worlds into one stunning piece. It has a compact design and features two angle-cut tranché pockets on each side, as well as two concealed compartments for extra storage. There is also an additional pocket on the back, perfect for storing a frequently used card. The exterior of the wallet is made from Italian Shell Cordovan, while the interior is fully lined with French Chèvre leather for a soft and comfortable feel. The wallet is entirely handmade and the logo is hot stamped on the inside. Overall, this is a beautiful and practical wallet that is sure to impress.

     Size: 2.9"W x 4.25"H

*** If you do not choose to upgrade to linen thread, this item will be sewn with a single color of nylon thread that closely matches the color of the exterior Shell panel ***

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