#53 Museum Calf Compact Bifold Wallet


This wallet is made of high-quality ILCEA Museum Calf leather and has been handcrafted with attention to detail. It has two concealed pockets where you can store folded cash or additional cards. The wallet has a hand-padded chiaroscuro effect, giving it a sophisticated and elegant look. It also has plenty of space to organize your cash and cards. The wallet has been hand-sewn using traditional saddle stitching techniques, and the edges have been burnished, polished, and painted by hand. The logo has been hot stamped on the inside of the wallet on the top center of the right-hand side. Overall, this wallet is simple, elegant, and spacious, making it a great choice for those who value quality and style.

    Size: 2.85"W x 4.35"H

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*** Should you decide not to opt for the linen thread upgrade, please be informed that this item will be sewn using nylon thread to closely match the hue of the leathers you selected. ***

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