#53 Barenia® Calf Compact Bifold Wallet

This luxurious wallet is handcrafted from soft and silky renowned Tannery Haas Barenia® French calf leather. Barenia® is known for its ability to develop a beautiful patina over time and with regular use, and it is also water and stain resistant. The wallet features a horizontal pocket and concealed compartment on the left side, as well as two vertical pockets and a concealed compartment on the right. The interior is spacious and allows you to neatly divide your cash and cards. The wallet is hand sewn using the traditional saddle stitching technique, and the edges are hand-painted, burnished, and buffed for a polished finish. The logo is hot stamped on the inside of the wallet, in the top center of the right-hand side pocket when opened. This wallet is simple, elegant, and practical, making it a stylish accessory for everyday use.


    Size: 2.85"W x 4.35"H


***If you do not choose to upgrade to linen thread, this item will be sewn with a single color of nylon thread that closely matches the exterior panel leather ***

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